What people are saying about WordUp Computer Services

“Mike really helped me learn the basics of Excel in a way that I could understand.  He listened to specific needs I had using Excel in my work and targeted ways that would greatly assist me and benefit our office.  Mike made Excel less intimidating with his hands on practical approach and genuine interest in helping me learn”. 
Mary F. - Health Care

"Mike has a thorough understanding of all Microsoft products and I am sure he knows others products such as Internet, downloads and accounting software.  Better, he is a great teacher, sensing where your weakness are and zooming in on them to give  the student an in depth understanding.  Not only is Mike great with software, but he has amazing hardware skills fixing my computer when all else failed. I would happily recommend Mike and Wordup Computers."
Geraldine C. - Colliery Dam Society

"Mike did more than listen, he actually 'heard' me when I would try to explain just what it was that I wasn't getting.  Mike went above and beyond in providing additional help in order to assist me in achieving my goals."  
Josephine G.  

​"Mike, Thank you very much. Finding the library was gem of the day (Navigating Windows 8). Charm control removes the stress - I truly appreciated the time we spent." 
Sherry C. -  Director of Nursing, Magnolia Senior Care Services.

"Mike was great! I needed to pass an Excel test for employment and after just two hours of instruction I ended up getting 90% .   My first attempt without instruction didn’t go so well so I am absolutely thrilled with the content of his teaching. Mike is your go to guy if you need any computer training! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable and his service has exceeded my expectation! Thank you, Mike!"
Kathleen B. - Health Care

"I came to Mike with very little computer experience, I needed for my job to be able to do a computer rendition of painted buildings before and after on a computer program that I really struggled with to use.  Mike was able to put together for me a complete step by step manual on how to use the program and spent time with me to make sure I had a thorough understanding of how to use the program.  I also took the Power Point Presentation course.  Mike is a terrific teacher he is patient, kind and very professional.  I will definitely be taking more classes with Mike to upgrade my skills."
Cheryl O. - Property Management Representative, General Paint.

"Mike was my instructor for many of my classes. He has a terrific positive outlook, and he really cares about his students. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you understand the material. He works tirelessly to give you extra help if you need it. He teaches in ways that will make sure you understand the course. He is a knowledgeable, fun, and very good instructor. He is an amazing instructor that I would recommend to anyone."
Jaye, Medical Office Assistant 

"Mike always had time for each of his students. He explained things so that everyone could understand and keep up to the class curriculum, giving individual attention when needed. For those who were ahead of the class he found extra lessons which went beyond the class curriculum. He was patient and understanding. Mike was one of the best instructors I have ever had."
Gwen, Administrative Assistant 

"Mike taught me a number of the computer software courses I took for my dual diploma studies. He has great teaching skills and I saw that he could easily adjust his teaching methods to a students level of knowledge and understanding. It was enjoyable to be in Mike's class, as he is not only a knowledgeable but a very approachable instructor."
Jeanne, MOA/AA Program

"Mike you are one of the greatest teachers I have ever had, your classroom was always a fun inviting place and you were always there to help when needed. You even made Accounting bearable! Thanks a bunch mike!!"
Annie, Medical Office Assistant