New at WordUp...

​​Microsoft Office in a morning

A special 4-hr. crash course learning the most commonly used commands in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, two must-have applications of which skillful users are high in demand.

Cost:  $150


  • Mail Merge
  • Complex Headers & Footers
  • ​Working with images and tables
  • Formatting and alignment
  • ​Printing control
  • ​Table of Contents and Indexes
  • Logical and statistical functions
  • Chart creation
  • Table sorting, filtering & subtotaling
  • ​Pivot tables

Introduction to Windows 10

Learn how to:

  • Fine tune Windows 10 to suit your individual taste and need
  • Set up automatic file backups
  • Configure and use Cortana, the voice operated digital assistant
  • Master the new Edge browser
  • Optimize performance and productivity
  • Perform file management
  • Mount ISO files and work with ZIP files

....and much, much more!

Course is 3 hours in length.  Students take home the instructional manual and sample exercise files.

Cost:  $120.00

NEW:  Microsoft Excel Advanced

Go beyond the basics and learn:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Database functions
  • The Conditional (IF) function
  • Advanced IF functions
  • Vlookup
  • SumIF
  • Product
  • IsBlank
  • Linking Worksheets
  • Pivot Tables
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Errors and Error Checking

Cost: $120.00

Introduction to Microsoft Excel - MOST POPULAR!

Learn how to:

  • navigate Excel's interface
  • create basic formulas
  • sort and filter tables
  • create charts, and more...

Cost: $200.00