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Microsoft Office

Using a variety of business scenarios, learn how to integrate Microsoft Word,
Excel and Outlook and take advantage of how seamlessly they work together.  This course is recommended for applicants about to take a job skills assessment.

6 hrs. - $240.00

*Microsoft Office 2013 is also available.

Introduction to Computers

Learn how to download files, access "compressed" files, burn CDs/DVDs, work with USB drives and backup important data.  Recommended for novice computer users who want to use their computer to its fullest potential.

3 hrs. - $120.00

Surfing the Internet

Browsers, search tips, favourites' maintenance, safe practice and a word on your very own website. Learn how exciting and informative the Web is.

2 hrs. - $80.00


If you want a lot of flexibility in a computerized accounting package, QuickBooks is it.  Learn how to enter routine accounting transactions for your business or home.

12 hrs. - $480.00

Simply Accounting

The industry standard for small businesses that uses a more rigorous auditing trail using simple and organized interfaces.

12 hrs. - $480.00

Microsoft Windows

Your choice of  Windows 7, 8 or 10.  Learn how to use these graphical operating systems to your advantage.  Organize your important information, add and remove applications, and keep your computer running at top efficiency.

4 hrs. - $160.00

Microsoft Access

Access is a very user-friendly database management program that uses related tables to cross-reference and manipulate large amounts of data.  Organize your personal stuff or create and maintain a complex data structure.

8 hrs. - $320.00

Microsoft Excel

Excel is an intuitive program that will quickly and easily calculate numerical, financial, logical and other types of data.  Create visually stunning charts in seconds, perform "what-if" scenarios, and formulate an inventory tracking system.

5 hrs. - $200.00

Microsoft Outlook

Send/receive email, synchronize appointments and schedule tasks.  Outlook is Microsoft's secure personal email system.

3 hrs. - $120.00

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create amazing presentations very easily and add your personal touch with options to use professionally designed templates.  Explore how easily you can incorporate graphics, music, animation and sound to your presentation.

4 hrs. - $160.00

Microsoft Word

The most popular word processing program in existence.  Have total control over this amazing application. Create polished letters in correspondence, proofread complex documents in seconds, and automate mass mailings.

5 hrs. - $200.00

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* 1-Hour Mini-Courses *

‚Äč$40.00 each

Simply AccountingCreating Financial Reports

Creating Quotes, Orders and Invoices
Microsoft Excel 2010*
Preparing a simple budget with formulas

Creating charts (pie, line, column)

Sorting and Filtering lists

Create an inventory tracking sheet

Professional formatting
Microsoft Word 2010*
Mastering Mail Merge

Table of Contents, Indexes and Table of Figures

Headers and Footers

Creating eye-catching newsletters

Tabs and Tables

Page Layout Basics

Working with images and text-wrapping
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12Introduction to Element's drawing tools

Removing objects from photos

Introduction to layers and masks
Microsoft Outlook 2010*
Creating or modifying an email account

Scheduling appointments and meetings

Creating a distribution list and managing contacts
Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or 8)Windows' maintenance tools

Mastering the Control Panel

Windows Update and Virus Control
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010*
Creating a self-running slideshow

Using exciting transitions and animations

Inserting audio and video in a slideshow

*Also available in Microsoft Office 2013