History of WordUp...


​My interest in computers began in 1990 after I graduated from CompuCollege School of Business in Kelowna, B.C. with honours in Microcomputer Business Applications. There I learned the basics of operating systems, spreadsheets, database applications, word-processors and integrated software packages. 

​My career started as a freelance computer troubleshooter. When something went wrong on a computer, people would usually call me...back when computers had floppy disks and Windows was in its early stages of development.  Since my return to Vancouver Island where I grew up, I began work in a number of private colleges and institutions; some of them existing today, some not. I instructed MS-DOS, Windows, computer basics, accounting packages, Microsoft Office and other software titles. Below are some of the places I taught for:

Now I offer you my years of knowledge and experience at a personal level, one-on-one...no middleman, just instructor and student. I can teach you a variety of structured courses I've created or focus on specific areas of a program.

At WordUp we will continue to offer a variety of the latest and greatest software out there, such as Office 2016, Windows 10, as well as many of the tried and true standards. Come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our in-home classroom and benefit from the 55 inch instruction screen!